Muslims, Beware of the deviations of the wahhabi or the so-called "Salafies"

The Wahaby Sect


Muslims: Be warned

Muhammad Ibn ^Abdul-Wahhab (Founder of Wahaby Sect) started as a student of knowledge in the city of the Prophet, sallallahu ^alayhi wa sallam: al-Madinah al-Munawwarah. Ibn ^Abdul-Wahhab’s father was a good, pious man among the people of knowledge as was his brother, Shaykh Sulayman. His father, his brother, and his shaykhs (teachers of religion) had the foresight Ibn ^Abdul-Wahhab would innovate a great deal of deviation and misguidance, because of their observance of his sayings, actions, and inclinations concerning many issues. They used to reprimand him and warn people against him.


Warning against the deviant and straying people is an obligatory matter. In fact, if warning against the person who cheats the Muslims in articles of trade is obligatory, then it is more so to warn against the person who intrigues and perverts the Religion and belies Allah and the Messenger. Allah, ta^ala, said in Surat Al-^Imran, Ayah 104: which means: [Let there be among you a nation that invite to the good, command the lawful, and forbid the unlawful.]

Abu ^Aliyy ad-Daqqaq said: "The one who withholds the truth is a mute devil."


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