Ramadan Kareem

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Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem
مجموعة برامج غوغل


Ramadan Kareem
Description: Ramadan Kareem ,

Brothers and sisters in islam , know that the days of this world are short and that the days of the hereafter are longer .

No matter how much the person does of the good deeds in this life he will benefit from it in the hereafter which has no end .

So come on and seek blessings , goodness , obediences , learning and teaching the religious knowledge and in particular the personal obligatory knowledge in the month of forgiveness and mercy , and the month of the QURAN .

Do remmber that the Messenger of Allah Sallalahu Alayhi wa sallam used to the most generous in Ramadan
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Date: 23.09.2006 09:40
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